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Living with an impairment can be challenging – and sometimes it feels as though society is determined to make things tough for us.

We don’t think disability should be a barrier. We want to help build a better life for Disabled People as members of a more inclusive society. Disabled People’s Voice is involved in campaigning on issues that affect you to try and influence policy decisions.

We are led by Disabled People who are dedicated to making your voice heard.

Whether you need to employ a Personal Assistant, find out what benefits you’re able to receive, or you need help or advice for caring for an elderly friend or relative, we are here to help.

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The rising cost-of-living is causing great uncertainty and anxiety.


Benefits for Disabled People are often just not enough to cover the extra costs associated with having a disability. Now with inflation in double figures, energy bills sky rocketing and food prices shooting up, the rising cost-of-living is causing hardship and poverty.

Energy for powering essential equipment such as hoists, beds, breathing equipment, powered chairs and monitors was already expensive. These are not optional extras that can be cut back. This is vital, often life-saving, equipment.

We have compiled a list of useful resources here.

Please download our Cost-of-Living Resource Sheet here.

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Want to find work as a Personal Assistant?

Our free guides offer insights and advice for those who are considering working as a PA, and those who have already started working as a PA.

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We can share our knowledge and experiences of independent living. We want people to have all the support and information they need to work out their own solutions and make informed choices. We also want to ensure people are getting what they are entitled to.

We’re here to provide information and peer support to help people make the best use of the care and health system to live the life they want.

We want people to have the support to do what makes their lives meaningful, to be connected and have friendships. We want people to contribute to their community.

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Creative Mental Health


Creative Learning

Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Are you feeling worried about the future? Or just bored and unhappy after long periods alone during the pandemic? According to the Office for National Statistics Disabled People have, on average, poorer ratings than other people across measures of wellbeing such as life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety.

In conjunction with Creative Learning, we aim to help you improve your wellbeing by providing a range of online courses packed full of tools you can use to enhance your peace of mind, find a level of comfort, and gain control over your worries. You can sign up for as many courses as you like and work through the material at your own pace over the next 12 months. You have the opportunity to take responsibility for your own mental health by signing up. It’s completely free!


At some point this year there will be a General Election in the UK.  Disabled People have the right to vote, and there are measures in place to ensure accessibility at polling stations.

We want everyone to use their vote

By voting, Disabled People contribute to electing representatives who understand our unique challenges and can advocate for policies that address our needs. Without active participation in the electoral process, the concerns of Disabled People may be overlooked by policy makers.

We have compiled a list of resources you might need to enable you to exercise your right to vote.

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The Disabled People's Manifesto for the 2024 Election

Last year, Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) from across England came together to demand that the next government takes radical action to address the deep-seated inequalities faced by millions of Disabled People. These demands were set out in the Disabled People’s Manifesto, a transformational programme of action, that we want the next government to implement.

You could send a copy of the manifesto to your local Member of Parliament and sign the manifesto as an individual.

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Nothing quite beats speaking to your peer group

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