Voting – Apart from voting

There are more ways to have your say beyond voting, we hope the resources below will help you find opportunities to share your views with decision makers.

Disability Rights UK – Campaigns and Activism:

Offers guidance and support for Disabled People interested in political campaigns and activism, including advocacy for disability rights issues.

Access All Areas – Disabled Activists Network:

A network of disabled activists providing opportunities for engagement in activism and advocacy initiatives.

Inclusion London – Campaigns and Policy:

Leading disability rights organisation in London, running campaigns and advocacy projects promoting the rights of Disabled People.

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC):

Grass-roots campaign group fighting for the rights of Disabled People, organising protests and campaigns against austerity measures.

UK Parliament – Get Involved:

Offers opportunities for public engagement in the democratic process, including consultations and engagement with MPs and members of the House of Lords.

Local Political Parties and Campaign Groups:

Many welcome Disabled People participating and provide opportunities to influence decision-making at the grass-roots level.

Additional Information and Initiatives:

Campaign to Reinstate the Access to Elected Office Fund

The Access to Elected Office Fund (AEOF) was a UK Government program offering financial support to Disabled People seeking elected positions. Efforts are underway to revive this fund, ensuring disabled candidates can engage fully in politics. Scope and similar organizations advocate for its restoration.

Be a Councillor

These workshops empower Disabled People to explore council candidacy by offering information, resources, and support. Topics include campaign strategies, accessibility challenges, councillor roles, and community engagement. The Local Government Association (LGA) frequently coordinates these workshops with disability advocacy groups and councils.

Elect Her

Elect Her, is part of the Local Government Association’s ‘Be a Councillor’ initiative and offers workshops tailored to encourage women, including disabled women, to pursue political office. These sessions provide specialized resources and support to address unique challenges they may encounter in the political arena.

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