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Independent Thinking

We offer a wide range of services. Some services are aimed at raising general awareness of disability issues, through talks and workshops, other services are aimed squarely at helping Disabled People to live as independently as possible.

Training sessions

For individuals or organisations, on topics such as Disability Equality Training, skills training for disabled employers and Personal Assistants who may benefit from training on manual-handling, food preparation and health and safety.

Drop in sessions

Held at One Community, Fareham Shopping Centre between 1pm–3pm on the first and third Monday of the month. We want to help you understand what you may be entitled to, how to apply for help, what choices you have, and how to achieve your aims.

Peer support

Peer support is a way of giving and receiving help (knowledge, emotional assistance or practical help) by understanding others’ situations through shared personal experience. It’s different from other types of support because the source of support is a person with similar relevant experience. Peer support is built on respect, empathy, shared responsibility and mutual benefit.

We offer three ways for people to receive peer support – workshops, peer support groups and one-to-one peer support to help Disabled People increase their knowledge, skills, confidence and resilience.


We give talks that can outline the issues that Disabled People face and our aspirations as to how living with a disability can be managed and improved. For more information, see the Talks section of this website.


We have a wealth of expertise in how to reach and engage with Disabled People. To date, our consultancy services have catered to the arrangement and delivery of focus groups, mystery shopping, audits and producing reports with recommendations for more inclusive places and services.

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