Voting – Campaigns to Support

Several campaigns and initiatives in the UK aim to encourage and support Disabled People in exercising their right to vote. Here are a few notable ones:

My Vote, My Voice Campaign: Mencap and the United Response is running this campaign, which focuses on increasing political participation among people with learning disabilities and autism.  The campaign provides accessible information on voting rights, educates individuals about the electoral process, and advocates for greater accessibility in elections.

Disability Voter Registration Week: Disability Voter Registration Week is an annual campaign ran by a coalition of disability rights organisations, including Mencap and Disability Rights UK. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of voter registration among Disabled People and to ensure that they have the information and support needed to register to vote.

#LoveYourVote: #LoveYourVote is a campaign launched by the Electoral Commission to encourage voter registration and participation among under-represented groups, including Disabled People. The campaign emphasises the importance of voting,  provides information on how to register to vote and how to cast a ballot.

Access All Areas: Access All Areas is a campaign led by the charity Sense, which focuses on improving accessibility for Disabled People in all aspects of life, including voting. The campaign calls for greater accessibility in polling stations, voting materials, and the electoral process to ensure that disabled people can exercise their right to vote independently and without barriers.

Local Initiatives: Many local authorities and disability advocacy groups also run campaigns and initiatives to encourage Disabled People to vote. These may include information sessions, workshops, and outreach programs aimed at providing support and resources to disabled voters in their communities.

These campaigns and initiatives play a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of political participation among Disabled People and in advocating for greater accessibility and inclusion in the electoral process. They help to empower disabled individuals to exercise their right to vote and to have their voices heard in the democratic process.

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